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National Learning Network has forged strong links with employers across the country. A bank of some 3,000 employers nationwide collaborate with local National Learning Network centres in providing work experience, training and learning opportunities, and full- and part-time employment.

These relationships mean that employers, public and private, large and small:

  • Are consulted at the design and implementation phases of new programmes ensuring best fit with their requirements
  • Are provided with on-the-job training that matches their needs thereby reducing recruitment and training costs
  • Can access the expertise, advice and support from our staff when employing students
  • Benefit from providing work experience placements to many students across a range of skill areas

Our range of supports include advice and disability awareness training for prospective employers and co-workers.

To find out how your business can support National Learning Network, please contact your local centre and speak to the manager. We'd be delighted to hear from you.